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another revisit....i originally shot this building back in 2008 one random night.  the block is basically fenced around and it's tough to get a full length shot without an obstruction.  right in front of the power plant is an ambulance dispatch center (kinda weird, like a private company.)  anyway, they have an automatic gate and it was wide open, so i thought to myself, "why not?  it's open right?"  besides, it's just a parking lot anyway.  i got about a dozen shots off and after i felt like i got the one i wanted, the gate closed.  i'm standing there thinking to myself, "fucking great...barbed wire fench, no less."  i stood around hoping that maybe someone might notice me (or worse, maybe they had and that's why they closed the gate.)  after about 5 or 10 minutes the gate reopened and an ambulance crept up.  i started walking towards the gate to make my exit and of course the two people in the ambulance rolled down the window..obviously annoyed that i was there.  it was a girl and a guy and the dude was totally irate!  he's screaming at me, "what the fuck?  give me your fucking film!"  he was totally out of whack, lucky for me his female partner was a lot calmer.  she basically told me to get out there as she was trying to calm her coworker down.  moral of the story? watch out for kenzos that work for an ambulance company.

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